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Olwen Davies


Zoo Indigo:

Zoo Indigo is a contemporary performance company founded in 2002 by Rosie Garton and Ildiko Ripple. Their work focuses on innovation, accessibility, collaboration and autobiography. They create performances that are both entertaining, challenging and thought provoking. The company was given funding in 2010 to mentor a new performance company, Southpaw Junction was chosen. As a result, Olwen was asked to collaborate with the company for their newest work Blueprint, due to be shown in April 2012.

Zoo Indigo’s Website

Ollie Smith Cat in HellOllie Smith:

Ollie Smith is a live artist based in Nottingham UK, whose practice is transdisciplinary and slippery. He operates in the territories between theatre, performance art and music, and concerns himself with how we all fit ourselves into the world. Olwen is currently collaborating with Smith on his performance Cat in Hell, co-devising and performing in the work.

Ollie Smith’s Website

Image by Julian Hughes


Amelia Beavis-Harrison:

Amelia Beavis-Harrison is an artist and curator currently based in Nottingham, UK. Amelia initiated and runs Lincoln Art Programme, a live art commissioning body in Lincoln, alongside her freelance work. Amelia makes art work that is informed by histories, mythologies, situations, occurrences, conversations and the production of art.

Olwen has performed in Amelia’s work The Test Of Intelligence.

Amelia Beavis-Harrison’s Website


SHRUG Ladies

In 2003 Amy Nicholson and Suzy Gunn co-founded SHRUG, a Performance and live art Company. SHRUG ‘happenings’ are always site specific, visually striking and yet unimposing to an audience. Olwen is currently one of a group of ‘SHRUG ladies’ whom perform at different events for the company.

SHRUG Ladies Website


43 Pounds and Hive Films:

Hive Films was established by Director/producer Rhys Davies in 2008. It is a UK based film company and creates feature films for both theatrical release and worldwide distribution. Olwen plays the character Marie within the feature film 43 Pounds, the company’s latest project.

Hive Films Website


Fridge Logic Phone

Hatch Festival Nottingham:

The Hatch festival is a performance platform based in the East Midlands. It exhibits work from both established and emerging artists, providing an ecletic range of performance. Olwen was part of Hatch in 2010 performing with Southpaw Junction. Later her solo work Fridge Logic was shown at Hatch in 2011. Inside Neverhood, Olwen’s latest work in progress has been commissioned as part of a residency with Hatch at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

Hatch Website


Zenith Films:

Zenithfilms is a dynamic, creative production company based in the city of Leicester, UK. Olwen performs in a number of short films made by the company.

Zenith Film’s Vimeo Channel



Time Frame

Southpaw Junction:

Olwen is a co-founding member of the performance company Southpaw Junction. Established in 2009 the company makes theatrical performances that are both political, experimental and entertaining.

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