Olwen Davies Performance Maker, Actor and Writer

Olwen Davies
Amelia Beavis-Harrison’s The Test Of Intelligence

Amelia Beavis-Harrison’s The Test Of Intelligence

Olwen performed in Amelia Beavis-Harrison’s work The Test Of Intelligence when it was shown as part of the World Event Young Artists (WEYA) festival 2012. Olwen will be part of the next showing at the Spill Festival in 2012.

The performance takes two familiar situations and pushes them together, the IQ test and the lecture / sermon. The audience take part in both, physically undertaking an intelligence test with a difference, whilst enduring a monolog that questions the reality of intelligence. The two scenarios begin on a par as the audience begin the test but gradually the speaker’s voice takes over that of the tester and the intelligence test becomes impossible to complete.

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