Olwen Davies Performance Maker, Actor and Writer

Olwen Davies
Fridge Logic Review October 2011


Olwen’s performance at Hatch: Fresh in the Autumn of 2011 was particularly well received by Fred Dalmasso who reviewed the festival for Total Theatre Magazine.

“Olwen Davies particularly glowed.”

“On screen or off it, the immediacy of Olwen Davies’ live performance is hilarious and all of a sudden poignant … She relies upon the audience to guide her through and makes the most of the porosity between screen, stage and auditorium, and that between spectator and performer.”

“When she invites a member of the audience to answer her call, it almost becomes personal. She is talented at relating to each member of the public and at drawing them into her astute performance attempt.”

Fred Dalmasso
Winter 2011/2012 Volume 23 Issue 04

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