Olwen Davies Performance Maker, Actor and Writer

Olwen Davies
Southpaw Junction

Southpaw Junction was founded in 2009 by Olwen Davies, Jonathan Dade and Nichola Wooley; at this time were known as ‘Second Production’. Their first performance was Oi Panda (2009), a piece of street theatre that was pure fun and entertainment. Soon after Southpaw was joined by James Murton, together they wrote and performed The Line (2009) a collection of scenarios all examining what socially acceptable in modern Britain.

Branded (2009) was the companies first durational performance. Lasting 6 hours, the performance invited the audience to take part in a party, giving them water instead of wine. Throughout the production themes of materialism, consumerism and objectivity were explored.

The company was first commissioned in 2010 with What’s On Your Mind, first performed as a piece of street theatre for the Creative Industries Careers Fair. The performance was later transferred into an inside space for the ‘Exit Souls Showcase’ (2010), exploring the issues surrounding social media and the problems that can arise when using it.

Southpaw was then invited to perform at the IUTA 8th World Congress, taking place in Leicester, 2010. For the event the company devised We Are Your friends, a group of site specific explorations to do with confusion and loneliness.

Time Frame is Southpaw Junction’s latest work. Devised in 2010 as part of a mentorship with the performance company Zoo Indigo, the performance looks at romantic moments through time and cinema, inviting the audience to re-create these moving experiences. It was during the Zoo Indgio mentorship that ‘Second Production’ officially changed it’s name to Southpaw Junction. Time Frame was part of the Hatch festival (2010) and the Not Part Of Festival (2011).

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